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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By II. “Praise ye the Lord, immortal quire”

George Rawson (1807–1889)

Psalm cxlviii.

PRAISE ye the Lord, immortal quire,

In heavenly heights above,

With harp and voice and souls of fire,

Burning with perfect love.

Shine to His glory, worlds of light!

Ye million suns of space,

Fair moons and glittering stars of night,

Running your mystic race!

Ye gorgeous clouds, that deck the sky

With crystal, crimson, gold,

And rainbow arches raised on high,

The Light of Light unfold!

Lift to Jehovah, wintry main,

Your grand white hands in prayer!

Still summer seas, in dulcet strain

Murmur hosannas there!

Do homage, breezy ocean floor,

With many-twinkling sign;

Majestic calms, be hushed before

The Holiness Divine!

Storm, lightning, thunder, hail and snow,

Wild winds that keep His word,

With the old mountains far below

Unite to bless the Lord.

His name, ye forests, wave along!

Whisper it, every flower!

Birds, beasts, and insects, swell the song

That tells His love and power!

And round the wide world let it roll,

Whilst man shall lead it on;

Join every ransomed human soul,

In glorious unison!

Come, aged man! Come, little child!

Youth, maiden, peasant, king,—

To God, in Jesus reconciled,

Your hallelujahs bring!

The all-creating Deity!

Maker of earth and heaven!

The great redeeming Majesty,

To Him the praise be given!