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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By The Prisoner of Love (1904). III. The Resurrection of the Flowers

Frederick William Orde Ward (1843–1922)

  • “He feedeth among the lilies.”
  • Sol. Song ii. 16.

  • THE SEED was sown, perhaps in tears,

    And then the miracle appears

    Where once was only desert dearth;

    And from a hidden realm and root

    Leaps into life the tender shoot,

    Out of its chambers in the earth;

    It gathers grace of light and air,

    And laughs to find itself so fair.

    Ah, it may have a vision sweet,

    Unmarked by us, of Holy Feet

    Which are for ever passing by;

    And washing these in dainty dew,

    With kisses, it may thus renew

    Its glories at eternity;

    For when they break the scentless sod,

    The flowers reflect the Face of God.

    Each is a little word or line

    Of the great Mystery Divine,

    Each has a lesson in its look:

    The varying hue, the virgin green,

    To humble hearts that spell between

    Are Revelation’s open book;

    And still the Spirit moves in might,

    For those that have the secret sight.