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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Amenophis and Other Poems (1892). IV. Hymn to Our Saviour

Francis Turner Palgrave (1824–1897)

CHRIST Who art above the sky

Teach me how to live and die!

Thou hast sent me here to be

Born of human-kind like Thee:

Born to walk the flinty road

Which Thy crimson’d footsteps trode;

Clear mine eyes to track them right,

Leading upwards to the light.

Pure as snow from taint of wrong,

Thou hast known temptation strong;

Tried and burst the snares that lie

Set to lure us from the sky:

Thou wilt aid me firm to stand

When the tempter is at hand;

Thou wilt draw my thoughts to Thee,

And the demon-sin will flee.

When I slip, my frailty spare;

Saviour, save me from despair!

By the mercy-gate Thou art,

Vision of the Bleeding Heart,

Gazing with thorn-circled face

Human-eyed on all the race:

If I kneel before the gate,

Thou wilt never cry “Too late!”

If in vain my strength has toil’d;

Hopes defeated; purpose foil’d;

If the light of life be dim,

Waning mind, and wither’d limb;

If my dear ones leave me lone,

Be Thou here when all are gone;

Thou hast known what anguish is,

Thou canst turn my tears to bliss.

In the day of doubt and gloom,

Let Thy mercy-message come,

O’er my fever’d soul below

Falling soft as snow on snow;

“Though the mother smile no more

On the baby that she bore;

Bride by bridegroom be forgot,

Yet will I forsake thee not.”

Though far off in light, by me

Nearer than earth’s nearest be:

By the love that brought Thee down;

By the bitter cross and crown;

By Thy shepherd-care to save

All Thy flock from font to grave;

Aid me here to live and die,

Christ Who art above the sky!