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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Critical and Biographical Essay by Alfred H. Miles

Andrew Reed (1787–1862)

FOR the use of his own congregation Andrew Reed (1787–1862), philanthropist and preacher, prepared a hymn-book, which, subject to modifications, passed through many editions from its first publication as a supplement to that of Dr. Watts in 1817. To this work he contributed anonymously original hymns from time to time to the number of twenty-one, of which the following seems likely to survive the longest.

As a philanthropist Andrew Reed left behind him unique memorials of practical religion in the numerous institutions which he founded for the help of the poor and needy and the amelioration of the sufferings of the afflicted, any one of which would have been a noble legacy. These include the London Orphan Asylum, the Asylum for Fatherless Children, the Asylum for Idiots, the Infant Orphan Asylum, and the Hospital for Incurables. He was a minister of the Congregational body.