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Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919). The Rough Riders. 1899.

Appendix A. Muster-Out Roll: Troop K

Woodbury KaneCaptain319 Fifth Ave., New York City.
Joseph A. Carr1st Lieutenant2127 R. St., Washington, D. C.
Horace K. Devereux2d LieutenantColorado Springs, Col.
Wounded at San Juan, July 1, 1898; forearm and arm; Mauser rifle.
Frederik K. Lie1st SergeantOrgun P. O., N. M.
Thaddeus HigginsSergeant210 W. 104th St., New York City.
Reginald RonaldsSergeantKnickerbocker Club, N. Y. City.
Samuel G. DevoreSergeantWheeling, W. Va.
Wounded at El Poso, July 1st; left forearm; shrapnel.
Philip K. SweetSergeant226 W. 121st St., New York City.
William J. BreenSergeant510 E. 144th St., New York City.
Craig W. WadsworthSergeantGeneseo, N. Y.
Henry W. BuelSergeant319 Fifth Ave., New York City.
James B. TailorCorporalArdsley on Hudson, N. Y.
Joseph S. StevensCorporalNarragansett Ave., Newport, R. I.
Maxwell NormanCorporalNewport, R. I.
Edwin CoakleyCorporalPrescott, Ariz.
George Kerr, Jr.CorporalEast Downington, Pa.
Henry S. Van SchaickCorporal100 Broadway, New York City.
Frederick HerrigCorporalPleasant Valley, Kalispel, Flat Head Co., Mont.
Oscar LandTrumpeter720 S. 8th St., Denver, Col.
George W. KnoblauchTrumpeter205 W. 57th St., New York City.
Benjamin A. LongSaddlerNew York City.
Wounded at El Poso, July 1st; left thigh.
Thomas G. BradleyFarrierPotomac, Montgomery Co., Md.
George T. CruciusBlacksmith50 Amanda St., Montgomery, Ala.
Lee BurdwellWagonerLangtry, Tex.

Armstrong, James T.
Adams, John H., Selma, Ala.
Wounded, July 1st.
Bell, Sherman, Colorado Springs, Col.
Bernard, William C., Las Vegas, N. M.
Batchelder, Wallace N., Chester, Pa.
Bump, Arthur L., New London, O.
Slightly wounded, July 1st.
Cameron, Charles H., McDonald, Pa.
Campbell, Douglass.
Cash, Walter S., Colorado Springs, Col.
Wounded, July 1st; arm, slight; Mauser rifle.
Cooke, Henry B.
Carroll, John F., Hillsboro, Tex.
Cartmell, Nathaniel M., Lexington, Va.
Clagett, Jesse C., Moters Station, Frederick Co., Md.
Corbe, Max C., El Paso, Tex.
Coville, Allen M., Topeka, Kan.
Crowninshield, Francis B., Marblehead, Mass.
Channing, Roscoe A., 34 Park Place, New York City.
Daniels, Benjamin F., Colorado Springs, Col.
Davis, John, care W. S. Dickinson, Tarpon Springs, Fla.
Easton, Stephen, Santa Fé, N. M.
Eberman, Edwin.
Emerson, Edwin, Collier’s Weekly, New York City.
Flemming, Clarence A.
Fletcher, Henry, Green Point, Cumberland Co., Pa.
Folk, Theodore, Oklahoma City, O. T.
Freeman, Elisha L., Burden, Kan.
Holden, Prince A., Grayson Co., Tex.
Hulme, Robert A., El Reno, O. T.
James, William F., San Antonio, Tex.
Jordan, Andrew M., Rossa, Tex.
Kania, Frank, Jamestown, N. D.
Langdon, Jesse D., Fargo, N. D.
Marshall, Creighton, 1807 G St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Maverick, Lewis, San Antonio, Tex.
McGinty, William, Stillwater, O. T.
McKoy, William J., Oshkosh, Wis.
Mitchell, Mason, Lambs’ Club, New York City.
Wounded at El Poso, July 1st; left arm, slight; shrapnel.
Mitchell, William H., Salem, Mass.
Montgomery, Lawrence N., Hempstead, Tex.
Nicholson, Charles P., 1617 John St., Baltimore, Md.
Norris, Edmund S., Guthrie, O. T.
Poey, Alfred.
Pollak, Albin J.
Quaid, William, Newberg, N. Y.
Robinson, Kenneth D., 55 Liberty St., New York City.
Wounded on July 1st; right side, severe; Mauser rifle.
Reed, Colton, San Antonio, Tex.
Smith, Frederick, Guthrie, O. T.
Smith, George L., Frankfort, Mich.
Smith, Joseph S., 1322 Brown St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Smith, Clarke T., 2008 Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Stockton, Richard, 218 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J.
Stephens, Oregon, Purdy, I. T.
Thorp, Henry, Southampton, L. I.
Test, Clarence L., Austin, Tex.
Transferred from 3d Penn. Inf. and reported for duty with troop at Montauk Point, Aug. 25th.
Toy, J. Frederick, 602 S. 42d St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Transferred from 3d Penn. Inf. and reported for duty with troops at Montauk Point, Aug. 25th.
Tudor, William, 37 Brimer St., Boston, Mass.
Venable, Warner M., Stephenville, Tex.
Wiberg, Axel E.
Weitzel, John F., care Windsor Hotel, Newkirk, O. T.
Wilson, Frank M, Guthrie, O. T.
Woodward, John A., Taylor, Tex.
Wright, Grant, Cold Springs, N. Y.
Young, James E., 628 W. 37th St., Los Angeles, Cal.

Maloon, Winthrop L.Private
Discharged per S. O. No. 141, A. G. O. Dated June 6th.
McMasters, Frederick D.Private
Discharged per S. O. No. 178, A. G. O. Dated July 30th, Washington, D. C.
Ferguson, Robert M.Sergeant55 Liberty St., New York City.
Discharged, Aug. 10th, 1898.
Worden, John L.Private27 W. 43d St., New York City.
Discharged by way of favor per telegraphic order from Assistant Secretary of War. Dated Aug. 15th, Washington, D. C.
Cosby, Arthur F.Private
Discharged per S. O. No. 103, A. G. O., Aug. 17th, Washington, D. C., to enable the soldier to accept a commission. Wounded, July 1st; right hand.
Babcock, Campbell E.PrivateThe Plaza, Chicago, Ill.
Discharged, Sept. 5th, to accept commission.
Lee, Joseph J.PrivateKnoxville, Md.
Discharged per S. O. No. 205, A. G. O., Washington, D. C., Aug. 31st.

Duran, Joseph L.PrivateSanta Fé, N. M.
Transferred to Troop H, this regiment, July 15th.
Brandon, Perry H.PrivateDouglass, Kan.
Transferred to Troop D, this regiment, July 29th.
David M. Goodrich1st LieutenantAkron, O.
Transferred from Troop D, this regiment, Aug. 11th. Transferred to Troop D, this regiment, Sept. 5th.

Haywood, HenrySergeantPolice Department, New York City.
Abdomen; Mauser rifle; killed, July 2d. Wounded, July 1st; died in Division Hospital, Cuba, July 2, 1898, from bullet wound received July 1st.
Ives, Gerard M.PrivateNew York.
Died at his home, 338 W. 71st St., New York City (date not known), from typhoid fever.
Tiffany, WilliamLieutenantNew York City.
Died of fever.

Staley, FrankPrivate
Deserted from troop at San Antonio, Tex., May 1st.
Deserted from detachment at Tampa, Fla., June 13th.

Jenkins, Micah J.MajorYoungs Island, S. C.
Promoted to Major, Aug. 11, 1898.