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W. Garrett Horder, comp. The Poets’ Bible: New Testament. 1895.

On the Sepulchre of Christ

Tommaso Campanella (1568–1639)

Translated by J. A. Symonds

HERE bend in boundless wonder; bow your head:

Think how God’s deathless Mind, that men might be

Robed in celestial immortality

(O Love divine!) in flesh was raimented:

How He was killed and buried; from the dead

How He arose to life with victory,

And reigned in heaven, how all of us shall be

Glorious like Him whose hearts to His are wed:

How they who die for love of reason, give

Hypocrites, tyrants, sophists, all who sell

Their neighbour’s ill for holiness—to hell:

How the dead saint condemns the bad who live;

How all he does becomes a law for men

How he at last to judge shall come again.