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W. Garrett Horder, comp. The Poets’ Bible: New Testament. 1895.

Led up by the Spirit

Samuel Greg (1804–1877)

“HE was led up by the Spirit,”

When morning woke the day,

To Moab’s lonely wilderness,

And mountains far away:

Not as a careless wanderer,

To brush the early dew,

In morning light of youth and joy,

’Mid nature fresh and new.

Nor went he as a challenger,

With the war-light in his eye,

To seek the powers of darkness,

And Satan’s self defy:

“He was led up—by the Spirit!”

By God’s command he went,

In grave and solemn confidence,

On heavenward thoughts intent.

And so—earth brother!—you and I,

Like pilgrims side by side,

“Are led up by the Spirit!”

To be tempted, sifted, tried.

His holy summons calls us

To give life’s answer now,

And choose, between two altars,

At which our souls shall bow.

And if, in this lone wilderness,

We meet that evil power,

And he offers all earth’s sweetest joys

To souls who him adore—

We, too, must lift our upward eye,

And answer calm and free:

“We serve the God who rules the sky;

We cannot bow to thee.”

It is not chance, or evil bent,

That brings us face to face

With this the mighty murderer,

And strengthener of our race:

’Tis written oft in God’s decree,

That souls in strife should grow,

That Satan should our teacher be,

Our best friend be a foe.

God leads us through the darkness;

He leads us towards the light;

He bids us face the Evil one,

And know the wrong from right;

He leads us to the wilderness,

And by the world’s highway;

He shields not from the tempest,

Nor clouds the fiery ray.

Thus forward, upward ever,

The Spirit leads us on;

But aye, through storm and striving,

Till battle-days are done;

Then onward yet He’ll lead us

To spirit homes on high,

Where strife and storm are over,

And peace crowns victory!