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George Eliot. (1819–1880). The Mill on the Floss.
The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. 1917.

List of Characters


MR. TULLIVER, owner of Dorlcote Mill.
MRS TULLIVER, his wife.
TOM & MAGGIE, their children.
KEZIA, servant at the mill.
LUKE, employed at the mill.
AUNT GLEGG, eldest sister of Mrs. Tulliver.
AUNT PULLET & AUNT DEANE, sisters of Mrs. Tulliver.
MR. GLEGG, MR. PULLET & MR. DEANE, husbands of the Aunts.
LUCY DEANE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Deane.
REV. WALTER STELLING, Tom Tulliver’s teacher.
MRS. STELLING, his wife.
LAURA, his daughter.
MR. MOSS, a struggling farmer.
MRS. MOSS, his wife; Mr. Tulliver’s sister.
BOB JAKIN, a packman, early friend of Tom Tulliver’s.
MRS. JAKIN, his wife.
MR. WAKEM, a prosperous lawyer.
PHILIP WAKEM, his son, a cripple.
STEPHEN GUEST, son of a prosperous family at St. Ogg’s.
DR. KENN, clergyman at St. Ogg’s.
Several incidental characters.