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Francis T. Palgrave, ed. (1824–1897). The Golden Treasury. 1875.


I. Spring. T. Nash
II. Summons to Love. W. Drummond of Hawthornden
III. Time and Love. W. Shakespeare
IV. Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea. W. Shakespeare
V. Passionate Shepherd to His Love. C. Marlowe
VI. A Madrigal. W. Shakespeare
VII. Under the greenwood tree. W. Shakespeare
VIII. It was a lover and his lass. W. Shakespeare
IX. Present in Absence.  Anonymous
X. Absence. W. Shakespeare
XI. How like a winter hath my absence been. W. Shakespeare
XII. A Consolation. W. Shakespeare
XIII. Unchangeable. W. Shakespeare
XIV. To me, fair Friend, you never can be old. W. Shakespeare
XV. Diaphenia. H. Constable
XVI. Rosaline. T. Lodge
XVII. Colin. The Shepherd Tonie
XVIII. To His Love. W. Shakespeare
XIX. When in the chronicle of wasted time. W. Shakespeare
XX. Love’s Perjuries. W. Shakespeare
XXI. A Supplication. Sir T. Wyatt
XXII. To Aurora. W. Alexander, Earl of Sterline
XXIII. Man’s Love. W. Shakespeare
XXIV. A Ditty. Sir P. Sidney
XXV. Love’s Omnipresence. J. Sylvester
XXVI. Carpe Diem. W. Shakespeare
XXVII. Winter. W. Shakespeare
XXVIII. That time of year thou may’st in me behold. W. Shakespeare
XXIX. Remembrance. W. Shakespeare
XXX. Revolutions. W. Shakespeare
XXXI. Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing. W. Shakespeare
XXXII. Life without Passion. W. Shakespeare
XXXIII. Lover’s Appeal. Sir T. Wyatt
XXXIV. Nightingale. R. Barnefield
XXXV. Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night. S. Daniel
XXXVI. Madrigal. W. Shakespeare
XXXVII. Love’s Farewell. M. Drayton
XXXVIII. To His Lute. W. Drummond
XXXIX. Blind Love. W. Shakespeare
XL. Unfaithful Shepherdess.  Anonymous
XLI. A Renunciation. E. Vere, Earl of Oxford
XLII. Blow, blow, thou winter wind. W. Shakespeare
XLIII. Madrigal. W. Drummond
XLIV. Dirge of Love. W. Shakespeare
XLV. Fidele. W. Shakespeare
XLVI. A Sea Dirge. W. Shakespeare
XLVII. A Land Dirge. J. Webster
XLVIII. Post Mortem. W. Shakespeare
XLIX. Triumph of Death. W. Shakespeare
L. Madrigal. W. Shakespeare
LI. Cupid and Campaspe. J. Lyly
LII. Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day. T. Heywood
LIII. Prothalamion. E. Spenser
LIV. Happy Heart. T. Dekker
LV. Sic Transit. W. Drummond
LVI. Soul and Body. W. Shakespeare
LVII. Life. Lord Bacon
LVIII. Lessons of Nature. W. Drummond
LIX. Doth then the world go thus, doth all thus move? W. Drummond
LX. World’s Way. W. Shakespeare
LXI. Saint John Baptist. W. Drummond
LXII. Ode on the Morning of Christ’s Nativity. J. Milton
LXIII. Song for St. Cecilia’s Day, 1687. J. Dryden
LXIV. On the Late Massacre in Piemont. J. Milton
LXV. Horatian Ode upon Cromwell’s Return from Ireland. A. Marvell
LXVI. Lycidas. J. Milton
LXVII. On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey. F. Beaumont
LXVIII. Last Conqueror. J. Shirley
LXIX. Death the Leveller. J. Shirley
LXX. When the Assault Was Intended to the City. J. Milton
LXXI. On His Blindness. J. Milton
LXXII. Character of a Happy Life. Sir H. Wotton
LXXIII. Noble Nature. B. Jonson
LXXIV. Gifts of God. G. Herbert
LXXV. Retreat. H. Vaughan
LXXVI. To Mr. Lawrence. J. Milton
LXXVII. To Cyriack Skinner. J. Milton
LXXVIII. Hymn to Diana. B. Jonson
LXXIX. Wishes for the Supposed Mistress. R. Crashaw
LXXX. Great Adventurer.  Anonymous
LXXXI. Child and Maiden. Sir C. Sedley
LXXXII. Counsel to Girls. R. Herrick
LXXXIII. To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars. Colonel Lovelace
LXXXIV. Elizabeth of Bohemia. Sir H. Wotton
LXXXV. To the Lady Margaret Ley. J. Milton
LXXXVI. Loveliness of Love.  Anonymous
LXXXVII. True Beauty. T. Carew
LXXXVIII. To Dianeme. R. Herrick
LXXXIX. Go, lovely Rose! E. Waller
XC. To Celia. B. Jonson
XCI. Cherry-Ripe.  Anonymous
XCII. Poetry of Dress. R. Herrick
XCIII. Whenas in silks my Julia goes. R. Herrick
XCIV. My Love in her attire doth show her wit.  Anonymous
XCV. On a Girdle. E. Waller
XCVI. To Anthea Who May Command Him Any Thing. R. Herrick
XCVII. Love not me for comely grace.  Anonymous
XCVIII. Not, Celia, that I juster am. Sir C. Sedley
XCIX. To Althea from Prison. Colonel Lovelace
C. To Lucasta, Going beyond the Seas. Colonel Lovelace
CI. Encouragements to a Lover. Sir J. Suckling
CII. A Supplication. A. Cowley
CIII. Manly Heart. G. Wither
CIV. Melancholy. J. Fletcher
CV. To a Lock of Hair. Sir W. Scott
CVI. Forsaken Bride.  Anonymous
CVII. Fair Helen.  Anonymous
CVIII. Twa Corbies.  Anonymous
CIX. To Blossoms. R. Herrick
CX. To Daffodils. R. Herrick
CXI. Thoughts in a Garden. A. Marvell
CXII. L’Allegro. J. Milton
CXIII. Il Penseroso. J. Milton
CXIV. Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda. A. Marvell
CXV. At a Solemn Music. J. Milton
CXVI. Alexander’s Feast; or, the Power of Music. J. Dryden
CXVII. Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude. T. Gray
CXVIII. Quiet Life. A. Pope
CXIX. Blind Boy. C. Cibber
CXX. On a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes. T. Gray
CXXI. To Charlotte Pulteney. A. Philips
CXXII. Rule, Britannia. J. Thomson
CXXIII. Bard. T. Gray
CXXIV. Ode Written in 1746. W. Collins
CXXV. Lament for Culloden. R. Burns
CXXVI. Lament for Flodden. J. Elliott
CXXVII. Braes of Yarrow. J. Logan
CXXVIII. Willie Drowned in Yarrow.  Anonymous
CXXIX. Loss of the “Royal George.” W. Cowper
CXXX. Black-Eyed Susan. J. Gay
CXXXI. Sally in Our Alley. H. Carey
CXXXII. A Farewell. R. Burns
CXXXIII. If doughty deeds my lady please. R. Graham of Gartmore
CXXXIV. To a Young Lady. W. Cowper
CXXXV. Sleeping Beauty. S. Rogers
CXXXVI. For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove. J. Thomson
CXXXVII. Merchant, to secure his treasure. M. Prior
CXXXVIII. When lovely woman stoops to folly. O. Goldsmith
CXXXIX. Ye banks and braes o’ bonnie Doon. R. Burns
CXL. Progress of Poesy. T. Gray
CXLI. Passions. W. Collins
CXLII. Ode on the Spring. T. Gray
CXLIII. Poplar Field. W. Cowper
CXLIV. To a Mouse. R. Burns
CXLV. A Wish. S. Rogers
CXLVI. To Evening. W. Collins
CXLVII. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. T. Gray
CXLVIII. Mary Morison. R. Burns
CXLIX. Bonnie Lesley. R. Burns
CL. O my Luve’s like a red, red rose. R. Burns
CLI. Highland Mary. R. Burns
CLII. Auld Robin Gray. Lady A. Lindsay
CLIII. Duncan Gray. R. Burns
CLIV. Sailor’s Wife. W. J. Mickle
CLV. Jean. R. Burns
CLVI. John Anderson. R. Burns
CLVII. Land o’ the Leal. Lady Nairn
CLVIII. Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College. T. Gray
CLIX. Hymn to Adversity. T. Gray
CLX. Solitude of Alexander Selkirk. W. Cowper
CLXI. To Mary Unwin. W. Cowper
CLXII. To the Same. W. Cowper
CLXIII. Dying Man in His Garden. G. Sewell
CLXIV. To-Morrow. J. Collins
CLXV. Life! I know not what thou art. A. L. Barbauld
CLXVI. On First Looking into Chapman’s “Homer.” J. Keats
CLXVII. Ode on the Poets. J. Keats
CLXVIII. Love. S. T. Coleridge
CLXIX. All for Love. Lord Byron
CLXX. Outlaw. Sir W. Scott
CLXXI. There be none of Beauty’s daughters. Lord Byron
CLXXII. Lines to an Indian Air. P. B. Shelley
CLXXIII. She walks in beauty, like the night. Lord Byron
CLXXIV. She was a Phantom of delight. W. Wordsworth
CLXXV. She is not fair to outward view. H. Coleridge
CLXXVI. I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden. P. B. Shelley
CLXXVII. Lost Love. W. Wordsworth
CLXXVIII. I travell’d among unknown men. W. Wordsworth
CLXXIX. Education of Nature. W. Wordsworth
CLXXX. A slumber did my spirit seal. W. Wordsworth
CLXXXI. Lord Ullin’s Daughter. T. Campbell
CLXXXII. Jock of Hazeldean. Sir W. Scott
CLXXXIII. Freedom and Love. T. Campbell
CLXXXIV. Love’s Philosophy. P. B. Shelley
CLXXXV. Echoes. T. Moore
CLXXXVI. A Serenade. Sir W. Scott
CLXXXVII. To the Evening Star. T. Campbell
CLXXXVIII. To the Night. P. B. Shelley
CLXXXIX. To a Distant Friend. W. Wordsworth
CXC. When we two parted. Lord Byron
CXCI. Happy Insensibility. J. Keats
CXCII. Where shall the lover rest. Sir W. Scott
CXCIII. La Belle Dame Sans Merci. J. Keats
CXCIV. Rover. Sir W. Scott
CXCV. Flight of Love. P. B. Shelley
CXCVI. Maid of Neidpath. Sir W. Scott
CXCVII. Maid of Neidpath. T. Campbell
CXCVIII. Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art. J. Keats
CXCIX. Terror of Death. J. Keats
CC. Desideria. W. Wordsworth
CCI. At the mid hour of night. T. Moore
CCII. Elegy on Thyrza. Lord Byron
CCIII. One word is too often profaned. P. B. Shelley
CCIV. Gathering Song of Donald the Black. Sir W. Scott
CCV. A wet sheet and a flowing sea. A. Cunningham
CCVI. Ye Mariners of England. T. Campbell
CCVII. Battle of the Baltic. T. Campbell
CCVIII. Ode to Duty. W. Wordsworth
CCIX. On the Castle of Chillon. Lord Byron
CCX. England and Switzerland, 1802. W. Wordsworth
CCXI. On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic. W. Wordsworth
CCXII. London, 1802. W. Wordsworth
CCXIII. Same. W. Wordsworth
CCXIV. When I have borne in memory what has tamed. W. Wordsworth
CCXV. Hohenlinden. T. Campbell
CCXVI. After Blenheim. R. Southey
CCXVII. Pro Patria Mori. T. Moore
CCXVIII. Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna. C. Wolfe
CCXIX. Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman. W. Wordsworth
CCXX. Old Familiar Faces. C. Lamb
CCXXI. Journey Onwards. T. Moore
CCXXII. Youth and Age. Lord Byron
CCXXIII. A Lesson. W. Wordsworth
CCXXIV. Past and Present. T. Hood
CCXXV. Light of Other Days. T. Moore
CCXXVI. Invocation. P. B. Shelley
CCXXVII. Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples. P. B. Shelley
CCXXVIII. Scholar. R. Southey
CCXXIX. Mermaid Tavern. J. Keats
CCXXX. Pride of Youth. Sir W. Scott
CCXXXI. Bridge of Sighs. T. Hood
CCXXXII. Elegy. Lord Byron
CCXXXIII. Hester. C. Lamb
CCXXXIV. Coronach. Sir W. Scott
CCXXXV. Deathbed. T. Hood
CCXXXVI. Rosabelle. Sir W. Scott
CCXXXVII. On an Infant Dying as Soon as Born. C. Lamb
CCXXXVIII. Affliction of Margaret. W. Wordsworth
CCXXXIX. Hunting Song. Sir W. Scott
CCXL. To the Skylark. W. Wordsworth
CCXLI. To a Skylark. P. B. Shelley
CCXLII. Green Linnet. W. Wordsworth
CCXLIII. To the Cuckoo. W. Wordsworth
CCXLIV. Ode to a Nightingale. J. Keats
CCXLV. Upon Westminster Bridge. W. Wordsworth
CCXLVI. Ozymandias of Egypt. P. B. Shelley
CCXLVII. Composed at Neidpath Castle. W. Wordsworth
CCXLVIII. Admonition to a Traveller. W. Wordsworth
CCXLIX. To the Highland Girl of Inversnaid. W. Wordsworth
CCL. Reaper. W. Wordsworth
CCLI. Reverie of Poor Susan. W. Wordsworth
CCLII. To a Lady, with a Guitar. P. B. Shelley
CCLIII. Daffodils. W. Wordsworth
CCLIV. To the Daisy. W. Wordsworth
CCLV. Ode to Autumn. J. Keats
CCLVI. Ode to Winter. T. Campbell
CCLVII. Yarrow Unvisited. W. Wordsworth
CCLVIII. Yarrow Visited. W. Wordsworth
CCLIX. Invitation. P. B. Shelley
CCLX. Recollection. P. B. Shelley
CCLXI. By the Sea. W. Wordsworth
CCLXII. To the Evening Star. T. Campbell
CCLXIII. Datur Hora Quieti. Sir W. Scott
CCLXIV. To the Moon. P. B. Shelley
CCLXV. A widow bird sate mourning for her Love. P. B. Shelley
CCLXVI. To Sleep. W. Wordsworth
CCLXVII. Soldier’s Dream. T. Campbell
CCLXVIII. A Dream of the Unknown. P. B. Shelley
CCLXIX. Inner Vision. W. Wordsworth
CCLXX. Realm of Fancy. J. Keats
CCLXXI. Hymn to the Spirit of Nature. P. B. Shelley
CCLXXII. Written in Early Spring. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXIII. Ruth, or the Influences of Nature. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXIV. Written among the Euganean Hills, North Italy. P. B. Shelley
CCLXXV. Ode to the West Wind. P. B. Shelley
CCLXXVI. Nature and the Poet. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXVII. Poet’s Dream. P. B. Shelley
CCLXXVIII. World is too much with us. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXIX. Within King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXX. Youth and Age. S. T. Coleridge
CCLXXXI. Two April Mornings. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXXII. Fountain. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXXIII. River of Life. T. Campbell
CCLXXXIV. Human Seasons. J. Keats
CCLXXXV. A Lament. P. B. Shelley
CCLXXXVI. My heart leaps up when I behold. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXXVII. Ode on Intimations of Immortality. W. Wordsworth
CCLXXXVIII. Music, when soft voices die. P. B. Shelley