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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Georgian Verse. 1909.

The Hazelwood Witch

Richard Gall (1776–1801)

FOR many lang year I ha’e heard frae my grannie

Of brownies and bogles by yon castle wa’,

Of auld withered hags that were never thought canny,

And fairies that danced till they heard the cock craw.

I leugh at her tales, and last ouk, i’ the gloaming

I dandered, alane, down the Hazelwood green;

Alas! I was reckless, and rue sair my roaming,

For I met a young witch wi’ twa bonnie black een.

I thought o’ the starns in a frosty night glancing,

Whan a’ the lift round them is cloudless and blue;

I lookit again, and my heart fell a dancing;

Whan I wad hae spoken she glamoured my mou’,

O wae to her cantrips! for dumpish I wander;

At kirk or at market there’s nought to be seen;

For she dances before me wherever I dander,

The Hazelwood witch wi’ the bonnie black een.