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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Georgian Verse. 1909.

Blow High! Blow Low!

Charles Dibdin (1745–1814)

‘BLOW high, blow low! let tempest tear

The mainmast by the board!

My heart (with thoughts of thee, my dear!

And love well stored)

Shall brave all danger, scorn all fear.

The roaring wind, the raging sea,

In hopes, on shore,

To be once more

Safe moored with thee.

‘Aloft, while mountains high we go,

The whistling winds that scud along,

And the surge roaring from below,

Shall my signal be

To think on thee.

And this shall be my Song,
Blow high, blow low! let tempest tear, etc.

‘And on that night (when all the crew

The memory of their former lives,

O’er flowing cans of flip renew,

And drink their sweethearts and their wives),

I’ll heave a sigh,

And think of thee.

And, as the ship rolls through the sea,

The burden of my Song shall be,

Blow high, blow low! let tempest tear,’ etc.