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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Georgian Verse. 1909.

To Miss Georgiana Carteret

Ambrose Philips (1674–1749)

LITTLE charm of placid mien,

Miniature of Beauty’s Queen,

Numbering years, a scanty nine,

Stealing hearts without design,

Young inveigler, fond in wiles,

Prone to mirth, profuse in smiles,

Yet a novice in disdain,

Pleasure giving without pain,

Still caressing, still caressed,

Thou and all thy lovers blessed,

Never teased, and never teasing,

Oh for ever pleased and pleasing!

Hither, British Muse of mine,

Hither, all the Grecian Nine,

With the lovely Graces Three,

And your promised nursling see:

Figure on her waxen mind

Images of life refined;

Make it as a garden gay,

Every bud of thought display,

Till, improving year by year,

The whole culture shall appear,

Voice, and speech, and action, rising,

All to human sense surprising.

Is the silken web so thin

As the texture of her skin?

Can the lily and the rose

Such unsullied hue disclose?

Are the violets so blue

As her veins exposed to view?

Do the stars in wintry sky

Twinkle brighter than her eye?

Has the morning lark a throat

Sounding sweeter than her note?

Who e’er knew the like before thee?

They who knew the nymph that bore thee.

From thy pastime and thy toys,

From thy harmless cares and joys,

Give me now a moment’s time:

When thou shalt attain thy prime,

And thy bosom feel desire,

Love the likeness of thy sire,

One ordained through life to prove

Still thy glory, still thy love.

Like thy sister, and like thee,

Let thy nurtured daughters be:

Semblance of the fair who bore thee.

Trace the pattern set before thee,

Where the Liffy meets the main,

Has thy sister heard my strain;

From the Liffy to the Thames,

Minstrel echoes, sing their names,

Wafting to the willing ear

Many a cadence sweet to hear,

Smooth as gently breathing gales

O’er the ocean and the vales,

While the vessel calmly glides

O’er the level glassy tides,

While the summer flowers are springing,

And the new-fledged birds are singing.