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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Georgian Verse. 1909.

Lewie Gordon

Alexander Geddes (1737–1802)

O SEND Lewie Gordon hame,

And the lad I daurna name!

Though his back be at the wa’,

Here’s to him that’s far awa’.

Ohone! my Highlandman;

Oh! my bonnie Highlandman!

Weel wad I my true love ken

Amang ten thousand Highlandmen.

Oh! to see his tartan trews,

Bonnet blue, and laigh-heeled shoes,

Philabeg abune his knee!—

That’s the lad that I’ll gang wi’.

Ohone! my Highwayman.

Princely youth of whom I sing,

Thou wert born to be a king!

On thy breast a regal star

Shines on loyal hearts afar.

Ohone! my Highlandman.

Oh! to see the wished-for one

Seated on a kingly throne!

All our griefs would disappear,

We should hail a joyful year.

Ohone! my Highlandman.