William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Georgian Verse. 1909.


Abrodden, abruptly.

Acale, chill.

Acroole, faintly.

A-gley, askew.

Airts, directions, way.

Alyche, like.

Anana, species of pine-apple.

Anlace, sword.

Amhan mohor, the ‘Great river’: the Blackwater that flows into the sea at Yonghal, Ireland.

Applynges, grafted trees.

Ardurous, burning.

Arles, money paid on striking a bargain, lit. a beat.

Attour, out over.

Attourne, turn around.

Auld Reikie, Edinburgh, lit. smoky.

Aumere, robe, apparel.

Autremete, loose white robe worn by priests.

Awny, bearded.

Bagnet’s thraw, bayonet’s twist.

Banders, binders.

Bang, crowd.

Bang, beat.

Barganette, song.

Bassie, meal-dish.

Bataunt, a musical instrument.

Bauk, upper rafter.

Baxter, baker.

Bedeen, forwith.

Beets, adds fuel to.

Begond, began.

Beld, bald.

Belyve, presently.

Benders, hard drinkers.

Bended, drank.

Besprengede, scattered.

Bickering brattle, battling hurry.

Bide, attend.

Bide the stoure, endure the storm.

Bield ayont the shaw, building beyond the wood.

Bield, shelter.

Bien, ly; comfortable, comfortably.

Bigonets, linen caps.

Billies, lads.

Birkie, forward fellow.

Birlette, hood, coif.

Blanter, oats.

Blate, bashful.

Blawart, blue bottle flower.

Blellum, idle talker.

Blethering, nonsense-talking.

Blin, close.

Blinks, shines, glances.

Blinkin’ in the lift, shining in heaven.

Boddle, a small copper coin.

Bogle, bogey, hide-and-seek.

Bonnie hudies, fair ones.

Bordels, cottages.

Bore, hole in the wall.

Braid Claith, Broad Cloth.

Brainzell’d, stirred, beat.

Braw lawsint yade, nag with white spot on face.

Brede, braid, embroidery.

Brent, quite, lit. smooth, bright.

Brulyies, broils.

Brystowans, Men of Bristol.

Bughts, sheepfolds, milking-pens.

Buik, bulk.

Buirdly, stalwart.

Burrachs, confused crowds.

Busk, dress, deck, prepare.

But, without.

Byke, hire.

Ca’ the Yowes, drive the ewes.

Ca’d, driven.

Caller, cauller, fresh.

Canny, cautious, skilful.

Canty, cheerful, pleasant.

Cantrips, magic spells, incantations.

Capernoity, irritable, peevish.

Castrocks, stocks of kail or cabbage.

Cauldrife, chilly.

Chapournette, small hat.

Chappin, stout did town, measure did empty.

Cheilie, lad.

Chinks, coppers.

Chilandre, goldfinch.

Chop, change.

Citterns (cithern), harp-like instruments.

Cleek, hook.

Cleekit, hooked on.

Cno-maol-doun, (the bare brown hill) Knockmealdown, a lofty mountain between the county of Tipperary and Waterford.

Coft, unbought.

Cogie, wooden bowl.

Cogie o’ yill, wooden bowl of ale.

Comfreie, a herb.

Coof, person, ninny.

Corby, raven.

Coulie, fellow.

Couth, comfortable, familiar.

Craw kniefly in his crop, crow briskly in his stomach, i.e., be gaily recalled to his discredit.

Crawreuch, hoar-frost.

Creesh, grease.

Creeshie, flannen, greasy flannel.

Crouse, cheerful, kind and lively.

Crowen, crows.

Crummock, cow with crooked horns.

Cryne, hair.

Cutty sark, short shirt.

Daft Days, The, Christmas Holidays.

Daffin’, joking, making merry.

Daimen-icker in a thrave. A, an occasional ear of corn in a pair of storks—i.e., in 24 sheaves.

Dang, beat.

Dandilly, spoiled.

Darr’d, struck.

Daut, pet, cherished.

Dart, struck.

Dawtit, unadorned, unpretentious.

Denouncing, announcing.

Dent, fasten.

Depeynete, paints.

Dernie, sad, cruel, woeful.

Dice, die, square.

Dighted, wiped.

Ding, drive, beat.

Dunkit, decked.

Dirl, tremble.

Docket, clipped, curtailed.

Donnart, stupefied.

Dool, mourning, dule, sorrow.

Dow, endure.

Dowf and dowie, sad and doleful.

Dowff, sad.

Dowie, dejectedly.

Downa, cannot.

Dossied down, tabled.

Douce and fell, sober and keen.

Dreich, dreary.

Drented, drawling.

Droukit, drenched.

Drumlie, miry.

Duddies, clothes.

Dught hardly speel, could hardly climb.

Dule, sadness.

Dung, driven.

Dunted, thumped.

Dwinin’, pining, dwindling.

E’e-bree, eyebrow.

Eident, diligent, unintermittently.

Eild, age.

Eiry-leme, every gleam.

Eisnin’, yearning.

Elyed, vanished.

Embrodyde, stout.

Enheped, displayed.

Ensyrke, encircle.

Epipsychidion, this soul out of my soul.

Ettle, intent.

Ettled at, aimed at.

Ewe-buchtin’, ewe-folding.

Fairn year, last year.

Fash, trouble.

Fashous, troublesome.

Feck, part, quantity.

Fere, fellow.

Feres, comrades.

Ferlies, marvels.

Fey, doomed.

Feygnes, feints.

Fient flee, never a jot.

Fient a tail, devil a tale.

Fiere, partner.

Findrams, speldings, dry smoked haddocks.

Fit, foot.

Flichterin’, fluttering.

Fleetch, ing: coaxing, flatter, flattering.

Fley, bright.

Fley, scare.

Flyting, scolding.

Frets, superstitions, nonsense.

Flyke, fuss.

Forhooy’d, neglected.

Forpit o’ maut, quarter-peck of malt.

Foun, fume.

Fouth, abundance.

Gancy, jolly, pretty.

Gardy-chair, armchair.

Gate, road, way.

Gaunt, yawn.

Geck, jibe.

Genty, neat, elegant.

Gier-eagle, vulture.

Girnel’s grist, granary’s mill-fee.

Girss, grass.

Giz, countenance.

Glede, hawk, kite.

Gleid, spark, glow.

Glower’d, stared.

Glower’d and fidged, stared and fidgeted.

Glowl’d, howled, growled.

Gored, stared, gazed.

Gowans, daisies.

Gowk, fool, lit. cuckoo.

Gowspink, goldfinch.

Gradh mo Chroidhe, mo cailin og, ’Si Mailligh mo stoir, ‘Gramachree, ma colleen oge, Molly asthore,’ The love of my heart, my dear young girl is Molly, my treasure.

Graith, clothing.

Great a fraise, great to do.

Gre, grow.

Gree, preference, rank.

Green bawk, strip of land.

Greet, weep, mourn.

Grien, yearn.

Grist, price.

Grutch, in sense of grudge.

Gude willie-waught, choice draught, good hearty draught.

Guides, war.

Gusty, tasty.

Gutcher, grandfather.

Hadden, holding.

Haffits, cheeks.

Haiks, horses.

Hain, save.

Hair, bit.

Halflins, partly.

Hale the dules, heal the pains.

Happed, covered.

Happit, covered up.

Happity-leg, one leg shorter than the other.

Harl, draw.

Harnisine, armour.

Hawkie, cow.

Heasod, head.

Hechts, promises.

He tint his gate, lost his way.

Heeze, hoist, uplift.

Heght, promised.

Heideignes, country dances.

Her lane, alone, by herself.

Herried, rifled.

Hight, name.

Hindberrye, bramble.

Hip, miss.

Hirpling, hobbling.

Hirshed, raised, nothing.

His lane, alone, by himself.

Hoastrie, hostlery.

Hoddin grey, coarse woolen cloth.

Holts, woods.

Hotched, hitched in his seat.

Houf, haunt.

Houff and bield, haunt and shelter.

Houlets, owls.

Hurdies, loins.

Hynd, hence.

I dander dowie and forlane, saunter sad and forlorn.

I ferly unco sair, marvel very greatly.

Its lane, alone, by itself.

Jank, trifle.

Je ne sais Quoi, The, I do not know.

Jimp, slender.

Jo, sweetheart.

Joob, tipple.

Joup, mantle.

Jows, floods.

Jubb, bottle.

Jupe, coat.

Kane, petty levy.

Kathaleen Ny-Houlahan, one of the many poetic names for Ireland.

Kebbuck, a round of cheese.

Keek, peer.

Kickshaws, quelques-choses.

Kist, chest.

Kiste, coffin.

Kentna, knew not.

Kemed, combed.

Knowes, knolls, little hills.

Kyth, show, appear.

Laithfu’, regretful.

Lave, rest, others.

Lawin’, reckoning.

Lear, learning.

Lee-lang, live-long.

Leglin, milk-pail.

Leifu’, lone, wistful.

Leme, light, ray.

Lened, crouched.

Liesome, pleasant.

Lift, heaven.

Linkit, sped.

Linn, waterfall.

Limmitour, a licensed begging friar.

Loaming, lane, field-track.

Lootit, lowered.

Loverde, lord.

Low’d, flamed.

Lown, sheltered.

Lucken-gowans, globe-flowers, cabbage-daisies.

Lug, ear.

Lyat, faded.

Lyart haffets, grizzled sidelocks.

Lyped, wasted away.

Maike, a mate, match, equal.

Marled, variegated, parti-coloured.

Marrow, match, mate.

Masking-loom, mashing-vat.

Maught, might.

Maun, must.

Maunna fa’ that, must not allot that.

Maunt, hiccup and stammer.

Maybear the gree, bear off the palm.

Meise, soften, seduce.

Melder, grain to be ground.

Menie, Mariamne.

Mense the faucht, begin the fight in mannerly fashion.

Mergh, without strength.

Menzie, following.

Minnie, mother.

Mirk, dark.

Mislear’d, indiscreet.

Mo Chuma, woe is me.

Moggans, hose without feet.

Morted, moulted.

Mouse-webs, throat-phlegm, lit. gossamer.

Murlain, half-peck wooden measure.

Na lang, weary not.

Nappy, ale.

Neiper, neighbour.

Nidder’d, kept under.

Nithers, represses.

Onflemed, undismayed.

Or’, ere.

Orrow, odd, spare.

Ouph, elf.

Paisley harn, coarse linen.

Paughty, saucy.

Pawkie, sly.

Pendente lite, the trial not being concluded.

Pensy, conceited.

Penny fee, money wage.

Pickle, small quantity of.

Pike ye’r bane, choose your bone, i.e., die.

Pingle, a keen contest.

Plack, four pennies, Scot.—1–3 English penny.

Plet, plaited.

Plooks that burnt for ouks, pimples that burned for weeks.

Pow, pate.

Pree, taste, try.

Queff, cup.

Quent, quaint.

Raike, range, wander, ramble.

Rake their een, rub the rheum from their eye.

Rax’d her a yowff, reached her a whack.

Reaming swats, frothing ale.

Rigwoodie, straddling.

Ripe, search, rifle.

Rode, complexion.

Rokelay, short cloak.

Rook, possession.

Rookit, cleared out.

Rorse, rate, extol.

Row’d, rolled, wrapped.

Rowly, powl, ninepins.

Rows, rools.

Sain, bless.

Saughs, willows.

Scaith, harm.

Scanthuis, scarcely.

Scawed, pimply.

Scilley, gather.

Scog, ward off.

Scug, shield.

Scuds, ale.

Sea-spry, sea-spray.

Sey, test, to sample.

Sey-piece, proof-piece, sample.

Seymar-cymar, a slight covering.

Shored, threatened.

Sight, sighed.

Silly, frail.

Sinle brooked, seldom enjoyed.

Skillum, worthless fellow.

Skelp and clout, whack and beat.

Skelpit, sculded.

Slaps, gates.

Smoored, smothered.

Soucht, breathed heavily.

Souter, shoemaker.

Sparth, battle-axe.

Spean, wean.

Speer, ed: enquired, asked.

Spraings, stripes.

Spraingit, striped.

Stacher, totter.

Stair, stole.

Staw’d, stalled, surfeited.

Steek, close.

Steekit, excluded.

Steer, molest.

Stey, toilsome.

Stirrah grien, young fellow yearn.

Stoun, ache.

Stoup, support.

Stour, dust, turmoil.

Sumph, surly fool.

Swa’d, swelled.

Swankies, lusty lads.

Sweel hale bickers, swill whole cupfuls.

Swink’d, laboured.

Swith, quickly.

Smythe, swiftly.

Syne, then.

Tak’ the dorts, take the pets.

Tassie, cup.

Tent, heed, watch.

Tents, cares for.

Tenty rin, heedful run.

Thole, endure, suffer.

Thowless, pithless.

Thrawart, cross-grained.

Thyine, precious, sweet.

Till dine, dinner-time.

Till ilka carline swart and reekit, each old woman sweated and smoked.

Tine, lose.

Tint, lost.

Tippenny, twopenny ale.

To big, to build.

To just a stirrach’s mou, to taste a young fellow’s mouth.

Tocher, dower.

Top, fox.

Tongue-tackit, tongue-tied.

Toom wames, empty bellies.

Toomed, emptied.

Toutit off, tipped out.

Towmond, twelvemonth.

Touzie tyke, shaggy dog.

Trig, ly: smart, smartly.

Tulyies, quarrels.

Twined, woven.

Tyne, lose.

Uncos, strange things.

Unco right, uncommonly right.

Unmeled, unblemished.

Vauntie, inclined to flaunt.

Velvet fog, moss.

Vogie, merry, lit. vain.

Waesuck, alas.

Wage-stake, plight.

Wale, pink.

Wale, choicest.

Wales, chooses.

Walie, choice, jolly.

Wallowit, faded.

Wambles, undulates.

Ware, spend.

Wede, raft.

Weelfaur’d, well-favoured, comely.

Weel-hained kebbuck, well-preserved cheese.

Weir, war.

Wene, whin, a fuze-bush.

Westlin, western.

Wi’ fient an arrow, i.e., with dance an arrow.

Wimple, meander, ripple.

Win, dwell.

Winnock, bunker, window-seat.

Wirricow, scare-crow.

Xiphias, sword-fish.

Y-stowen, dead.

Yarkit, beaten.

Yeed, went.

Yird, earth.

’Yont the hallan, division in the wall.

Yorlin, a yellow-hammer.

Yowes, ewes.