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Sara Teasdale, comp. (1884–1933).
The Answering Voice: One Hundred Love Lyrics by Women. 1917.

An Old Song

Fannie Stearns Davis

AND if I came not again

After certain days;

If no morning sun or rain

Met me on their ways;

If the meadows knew no more

How my feet go free,

And the folded hills forbore

Any speech of me;

If you did not find me here,

At the door at night,

And the cold hearth kept no cheer,

And the panes no light;—

Oh, if I came not again,

Would you miss me much?

Would your fingers once be fain

Of my wandering touch?

Would you dream me at your side

In the waking wood,

Where the old spring hungers hide

In blue solitude?

Would you wonder where I passed,

Into joy or pain?

Oh, to know you cared, at last,

Came I not again!