William McCarty, comp. The American National Song Book. 1842.

Liberty Hall

OLD Homer!—but what have we with him to do?

What are Grecians or Trojans to me or to you?

Your heathenish heroes no more I’ll invoke;

Choice spirits, assist me; attend, hearts of oak.

Perhaps my address you may premature think,

Because I have mentioned no toast, as I drink;

There are many fine toasts; but the best of them all

Is the toast of the times, my lads, LIBERTY HALL.

This fine British building by Alfred was framed;

Its grand corner-stone Magna Charta was named;

Independency came at Integrity’s call,

And rear’d the grand pillars of LIBERTY HALL.

Independence our forefathers bought with their blood,

And their sons and their sons’ sons will make their deeds good:

By this title we stand; by this title we fall;

For life is not life, out of LIBERTY HALL.

See Columbia triumphant; her ships sweep the sea;

Her standard is Justice, her watchword, “be free.”

Our Congress is chosen, our countrymen all,

God bless them, and bless us, in LIBERTY HALL.

O, where is this hall? Lord North fain would know;

’Tis neither at London, St. James’s, nor Kew;

’Tis a palace of no mortal architect’s art,

For LIBERTY HALL’S an American’s heart.