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Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950). Spoon River Anthology. 1916.

170. E. C. Culbertson

IS it true, Spoon River,

That in the hall-way of the New Court House

There is a tablet of bronze

Containing the embossed faces

Of Editor Whedon and Thomas Rhodes?

And is it true that my successful labors

In the County Board, without which

Not one stone would have been placed on another,

And the contributions out of my own pocket

To build the temple, are but memories among the people,

Gradually fading away, and soon to descend

With them to this oblivion where I lie?

In truth, I can so believe.

For it is a law of the Kingdom of Heaven

That whoso enters the vineyard at the eleventh hour

Shall receive a full day’s pay.

And it is a law of the Kingdom of this World

That those who first oppose a good work

Seize it and make it their own,

When the corner-stone is laid,

And memorial tablets are erected.