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Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950). Spoon River Anthology. 1916.

155. Jeduthan Hawley

THERE would be a knock at the door

And I would arise at midnight and go to the shop,

Where belated travelers would hear me hammering

Sepulchral boards and tacking satin.

And often I wondered who would go with me

To the distant land, our names the theme

For talk, in the same week, for I’ve observed

Two always go together.

Chase Henry was paired with Edith Conant;

And Jonathan Somers with Willie Metcalf;

And Editor Hamblin with Francis Turner,

When he prayed to live longer than Editor Whedon

And Thomas Rhodes with widow McFarlane;

And Emily Sparks with Barry Holden;

And Oscar Hummel with Davis Matlock;

And Editor Whedon with Fiddler Jones;

And Faith Matheny with Dorcas Gustine.

And I, the solemnest man in town,

Stepped off with Daisy Fraser.