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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Sir Austen H. Layard

  • [An English Orientalist and politician; born in Paris, of English parents, March, 1817; discovered the ruins of Nineveh, 1840; made excavations at Nimroud, and sent many memorials of early civilization to the British Museum; member of Parliament, 1852; under secretary of state for foreign affairs, 1861–66; commissioner of public works, 1868; has been minister to Spain and Turkey; died 1894.]
  • The right man in the right place.

  • In a speech in the House of Commons, on the Administration Reform Association, Jan. 15, 1855, Mr. Layard said, “I have always believed that success would be the inevitable result if the two services, the army and the navy, had fair play, and if we sent the right man to fill the right place.”
  • Sydney Smith said, “You will generally see in human life the round man and the angular man planted in the wrong hole; but the bishop of ——, being a round man, has fallen into a triangular hole, and is far better off than many triangular men who have fallen into round holes.”—Memoirs, p. 308.
  • Talleyrand has observed that “the art of putting the right man in the right place is perhaps the first in the science of government, but the art of finding a satisfactory position for the discontented is the most difficult.”