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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Marie Leszcinska

  • [Daughter of Stanislas, King of Poland; born June 23, 1703; married Louis XV. of France, 1725; died at Versailles, June 24, 1768.]
  • Good kings are slaves, and their people are free (Les bons rois sont esclaves, et leurs peuplex sont libres).

  • The maxims of the amiable but neglected wife of Louis XV., if acted upon, might have averted or postponed the French Revolution. “The treasures of the state,” she said, “are not ours: we have no right to spend in arbitrary gifts the money earned by the artisan and the laborer.”
  • It is better to listen to those who cry to us from afar, “Solace our misery,” than to those who whisper in our ears, “Increase our fortunes” (Il vaut mieux écouter ceux qui nous crient de loin, soulagez notre misère, que ceux qui nous disent à l’oreille, augmentez notre fortune).

    If there were no little people in the world, we should not be great; and we ought not to be great except for their sakes (Nous ne serions pas grands sans les petits; nous ne devons l’être que pour eux).

    To boast of our rank is to show ourselves beneath our rank (Tirer vanité de son rang, c’est avertir qu’on est au-dessous).

    Kings show their pity in doing justice, and do justice in showing pity (La miséricorde des rois est de rendre la justice, et la justice des rois est d’exercer la miséricorde).

    Contentment travels rarely with fortune, but follows virtue even into misfortune (Le contentement voyage rarement avec la fortune, mais il suit la vertu jusque dans le malheur).