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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Lord Eldon

  • [John Scott, first Earl of Eldon; born in Newcastle, England, 1751; educated at Oxford; called to the bar, 1776; entered Parliament, 1783; solicitor-general, 1788; attorney-general, 1793; chief justice of the common pleas, 1799, and raised to the peerage; lord chancellor, 1801, which office he held twenty-six years, with one year’s interruption; retired 1827; died 1838.]
  • New brooms sweep clean.

  • By way of apology, after Henry Brougham, who objected to Lord Eldon’s continually calling him Mr. Broffam, had made an able argument.
  • The applicant for a living answered the lord chancellor, who asked him in whose name he applied, “In the name of the Lord of hosts.”—“The Lord of hosts!” exclaimed Eldon: “you are the first person who ever applied to me in that lord’s name; and, although his title can’t be found in the Peerage, you shall have the living.”