S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Leo X.

  • [Giovanni de’ Medici, a munificent patron of literature and the arts; born at Florence, 1475; created cardinal at the age of thirteen; elected pope, March 11, 1513; signed, with Francis I., the constitution of the Gallican Church; annexed Urbino and Perugia to the papal see; combined with Charles V. against Francis I.; died December, 1521.]
  • Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it.

  • Words attributed to Leo X. on his accession, but possibly suggested by his pontifical career.
  • “Not the Christian religion only,” he declared, “but Nature herself, cries out against the state of slavery.”
  • A man dedicated to the Pope, in the hope of a reward, a book on the art of making gold. As Leo saw the discoverer following him everywhere, he gave him an empty purse, saying, “As you can make gold, you only need a purse to put it in.”