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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Eugène Rouher

  • [A French statesman, called by Ollivier, on account of his influence, “a vice-emperor without responsibility;” born at Riom, 1814; member of the Constituent Assembly, 1848; minister of justice, 1849; vice-president of the council of state; minister of agriculture, commerce, and public works; president of the council; minister of justice and of finance at different times under the empire; president of the Senate, 1869; member of the National Assembly, 1871; retired from public life, 1880; died Feb. 3, 1884.]
  • Jamais!

  • The celebrated “Never!” of M. Rouher was uttered in the Corps Législatif, Dec. 3, 1867, on the question of giving further aid to Italy, after the acquisition of Venetia, to enable her to acquire the States of the Church, including Rome. “We declare,” he said, “in the name of the French government, that Italy shall not take possession of Rome—never [here the Right interrupted him with cries of “Never! never!”] never will France permit that violence to be done to her honor and her Catholicity!” (Nous déclarons au nom du gouvernement français, l’Italie ne s’emparera pas de Rome, jamais la France ne supportera cette violence à son honneur et à sa catholicité).