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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Duc d’Epernon

  • [Louis de Nogaret de la Vallette, Duc d’Epernon, a noted French courtier; born in Languedoc, 1554; a favorite of Henry III., who appointed him high admiral of France; was in the carriage with Henry IV. when the latter was assassinated; died 1642.]
  • You are going up, I am coming down.

  • The credit of the duke, who held high office under more than one sovereign of France, waned before the growing power of Cardinal Richelieu. Their relative position during the early part of the reign of Louis XIII. was marked by the answer which the duke, who was one day descending the staircase of the palace of St. Germain, gave the cardinal, who was going up, and asked him the news: “You, sir, are going up, I am coming down” (Monsieur, vous montez, je descends). This is also told of Prince Galitzin, meeting his successor, Potemkin, the favorite of Catherine II. of Russia.