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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Count d’Argenson

  • [A French cabinet minister, born 1696; secretary for war, 1742–57; an able administrator, a patron of letters, the friend of Voltaire and the Encyclopædists; died 1764.]
  • I don’t see the necessity of it (Je n’en vois pas la nécessité).

  • In reply to the Abbé des Fontaines, who was brought before him for publishing libels, and who apologized for them by saying, “After all, monseigneur, I must live” (Après tout, il faut bien que je vive).—VOLTAIRE, Œuvres Complètes, XLVIII. 99. Attributed by Hénault (Mémoires, 4) to Count d’Argental, censor of books.
  • Mme. d’Argenson, being asked which of two brothers she preferred, replied, “When I am with one, I prefer the other” (Quand je suis avec l’un, j’aime mieux l’autre).