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S.A. Bent, comp. Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. 1887.

Catherine de Medici

  • [Daughter of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino; born in Florence, 1519; married the dauphin, afterwards Henry II., 1533; on the death of her son, Francis II. (1560), became regent for Charles IX., a minor; instigated the massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day, Aug. 24, 1572; died 1589.]
  • We shall soon say our prayers in French.

  • When the Huguenots, who conducted their services in the vernacular, were reported to be gaining the upper hand, during the minority of Charles IX. When another of her sons, Henry III., told her that he had made himself king of France by killing the Duke of Guise, “the king of Paris,” in 1588, Catherine shrewdly remarked, “Take care that you do not soon find yourself king of nothing.” The next year he was assassinated by Jacques Clément.