Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Holland: Vols. XIV–XV. 1876–79.

Spain: Finojosa


By Marques de Santillana (1398–1458)

Translated by J. H. Wiffen

I NE’ER on the border

Saw girl as fair as Rosa,

The charming milk-maiden

Of sweet Finojosa.

Once making a journey

To Santa Maria

Of Calataveño

From weary desire

Of sleep, down a valley

I strayed, where young Rosa

I saw, the milk-maiden

Of lone Finojosa.

In a pleasant green meadow

Midst roses and grasses

Her herd she was tending

With other fair lasses;

So lovely her aspect,

I could not suppose her

A simple milk-maiden.

Of rude Finojosa.

I think not primroses

Have half her smile’s sweetness,

Or mild, modest beauty;—

I speak with discreetness.

O, had I beforehand

But known of this Rosa,

The handsome milk-maiden

Of far Finojosa,—

Her very great beauty

Had not so subdued,

Because it had left me

To do as I would!

I have said more, O fair one,

By learning ’t was Rosa,

The charming milk-maiden

Of sweet Finojosa.