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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
Americas: Vol. XXX. 1876–79.

Mexico: Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) del Norte

Rio Grande del Norte

By Robert Southey (1774–1843)

(From Madoc in Wales)

AT length we came

Where the great river, amid shoals and banks

And islands, growth of its own gathering spoils,

Through many a branching channel, wide and full,

Rushed to the main. The gale was strong; and safe,

Amid the uproar of conflicting tides,

Our gallant vessels rode. A stream as broad

And turbid, when it leaves the Land of Hills,

Old Severn rolls; but banks so fair as these

Old Severn views not in his Land of Hills,

Nor even where his turbid waters swell

And sully the salt sea.
So we sailed on

By shores now covered with impervious woods,

Now stretching wide and low, a reedy waste,

And now through vales where earth profusely poured

Her treasures, gathered from the first of days.

Sometimes a savage tribe would welcome us,

By wonder from their lethargy of life

Awakened; then again we voyaged on

Through tracts all desolate, for days and days,

League after league, one green and fertile mead,

That fed a thousand herds.
A different scene

Rose on our view, of mount on mountain piled,

Which when I see again in memory,

Star-gazing Idris’s stupendous seat

Seems dwarfed, and Snowdon with its eagle haunts

Shrinks, and is dwindled like a Saxon hill.