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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.

Oceanica: Vol. XXXI

Introductory to Australasia
Australasia by Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802–1839)
Australia by Thomas Kibble Hervey (1804–1859)
Down in Australia by Gerald Massey (1828–1907)
Western Australia by John Boyle O’Reilly (1884–1890)
Widderin’s Race by Paul Hamilton Hayne (1830–1886)
The Australian Shepherd by Philip Gilbert Hamerton (1834–1894)
A Death in the Bush by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Arakoon, the Mountain
Arakoon by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Araluen, the River
Araluen by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Arrawatta, the Glen
Arrawatta by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Coogee
Coogee by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Euroma
At Euroma by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Illa Creek
Illa Creek by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Paroo
On the Paroo by Henry Kendall (1839–1882)
Australia: Pelican Island
Pelican Island by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)
D’Entrecasteaux Channel by John Dunmore Lang (1799–1878)
New Zealand, New Guinea, and New Caledonia
The Three Islands by Thomas Kibble Hervey (1804–1859)
Asiatic Islands
The Indian Archipelago by Luís de Camões (c. 1524–1580)
Polynesia: Pelew Islands
Abba Thule by William Lisle Bowles (1762–1850)
Polynesia: Pitcairn’s Island
A Song of Pitcairn’s Island by William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)
Polynesia: Sandwich Islands
The Earl of Sandwich by Letitia Elizabeth Landon (1802–1838)
Hawaii by William Gibson (1826–1887)
Polynesia: Tonga (Friendly) Islands
Song of the Tonga-Islanders by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Song of the Tonga-Islanders—Anonymous
Various Islands: Azores
The Revenge by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)
Various Islands: Bermudas
Bermuda by Edmund Waller (1606–1687)
Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda by Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)
Various Islands: Canary Islands
The Canaries by Sir Samuel Garth (1661–1719)
Teneriffe by Thomas Warton (1728–1790)
The Bird of the Canaries by Thomas Kibble Hervey (1804–1859)
Dirge on Guillen Peraza from the Spanish
Teneriffe by Seymour Green Wheeler Benjamin (1837–1914)
Various Islands: Coral Reefs and Islands
The Coral Island by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
The Coral Islands by Philip Gilbert Hamerton (1834–1894)
The Coral Insect by Lydia Huntley Sigourney (1791–1865)
The Coral Grove by James Gates Percival (1795–1856)
Various Islands: Juan Fernandez
Verses by William Cowper (1731–1800)
Various Islands: Madeira
Madeira by Michael Drayton (1563–1631)
Madeira by William Lisle Bowles (1762–1850)
Inscription for the Grave of Anna D’Arfet by Robert à Machin
The Island of Madeira by Richard Chenevix Trench (1807–1886)
Various Islands: Malta
Ode to the Lighthouse at Malta by El Duque de Rivas (1791–1865)
The Knights of St. John by Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805)
Various Islands: St. Helena
On the Death of Napoleon by Alessandro Manzoni (1785–1873)
Passing St. Helena by Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836–1907)
Napoleon at Rest by John Pierpont (1785–1866)
The Phantom Ship from the German
The Exhumation of Napoleon by William Wetmore Story (1819–1895)
Miscellaneous: North Pole
Prayer at the Pole by Sallie Bridges
Miscellaneous: Polar Regions
A Scene in the Polar Regions by Jean Paul Richter (1763–1825)
The Arctic Voyager by Henry Timrod (1829–1867)
Hymn to the North Star by William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)
The Flamingo by Sarah D. Clark
The Arctic Ocean by Seymour Green Wheeler Benjamin (1837–1914)
Northern Seas by William Howitt (1792–1879)
On the Ice Islands Seen Floating in the German Ocean by William Cowper (1731–1800)
The Arctic Lover by William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)
Ice-Blink by James Montgomery (1771–1854)
Passing the Icebergs by Thomas Buchanan Read (1822–1872)
Miscellaneous: Sargasso Sea, The
The Sargasso Sea by Samuel Rogers (1763–1855)
The Sargasso Gulf by Charlotte Fiske Bates (1838–1916)
Gulf-Weed by Cornelius George Fenner (1822–1847)
Miscellaneous: Seas of the Tropics
Morning at Sea in the Tropics by George Gordon McCrae (1833–1927)
The Torrid Zone by James Thomson (1834–1882)
Typhon and Ecnephia by James Thomson (1834–1882)
Tropical Weather by Epes Sargent (1813–1880)
A Calm in the Tropics by Epes Sargent (1813–1880)
Tropical Night by Epes Sargent (1813–1880)
The Lotos-Eaters by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)
Miscellaneous: Atlantic Ocean
The Sailing of Ulysses by Dante Alighieri (c. 1265–1321)
Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)
On a Rock in the Atlantic by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
Seaweed by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
The Ship of the Dead by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Miscellaneous: Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean by Luís de Camões (c. 1524–1580)
Miscellaneous: Pacific Ocean
Lines Written in a Blank Leaf of La Pérouse’s Voyages by Thomas Campbell (1777–1844)
Southern Seas by William Howitt (1792–1879)
South Sea Islands by John Wilson (1720–1789)
A Desert Island by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809–1892)
Miscellaneous: The Ocean
The Voyage of Vasco de Gama by Luís de Camões (c. 1524–1580)
The Sea by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
The Stormy Petrel by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
The Sea in Calm by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
The Sea-Shore by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
The Ocean by Bryan Waller Procter (1787–1874)
The Ocean in Calm by John Wilson (1720–1789)
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)
The Flying Dutchman by John Boyle O’Reilly (1884–1890)
A Life on the Ocean Wave by Epes Sargent (1813–1880)
Night at Sea by Letitia Elizabeth Landon (1802–1838)
A Hymn of the Sea by William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)
The Shipwreck by John Wilson (1720–1789)
The Shipwreck by Lord Byron (1788–1824)
The Water-Spout by William Falconer (1732–1769)
Sir Humphrey Gilbert by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)
Kane by Fitz-James O’Brien (1828–1862)
Reefing Topsails by Alfred Domett (1811–1887)
The Shipwreck by Alfred Domett (1811–1887)
The Southern Cross by Charles Warren Stoddard (1843–1909)
Appendix: Bermudas
Bermoothes by Lucy Larcom (1826–1893)
Appendix: New Zealand
New Zealand Scenery by Alfred Domett (1811–1887)
Forest and Sea-Shore by Alfred Domett (1811–1887)
Silent Cataracts by Alfred Domett (1811–1887)
Appendix: Sandwich Islands
Kilauea by W. C. Jones
Lahaina by Charles Warren Stoddard (1843–1909)
Kamehameha Hymn by King Kalakaua (1836–1891)
Hawaiian National Anthem by Lilia K. Dominis (1838–1917)
The Beach at Hilo Bay by F. Coan
Travels at Home by George Herbert (1593–1633)
Home by James Montgomery (1771–1854)