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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes.
America: Vols. XXV–XXIX. 1876–79.

Southern States: Alleghany Moutains, Ga.

Among the Mountains in Georgia

By Henry R. Jackson (1820–1898)

YE glorious Alleghanies! from this height

I see your peaks on every side arise;

Their summits roll beneath the giddy sight,

Like ocean billows heaved among the skies.

In wild magnificence upon them lies

The primal forest, kindling in the glow

Of this mild autumn sun with golden dyes,

While, in his slanting ray, their shadows grow

Broad o’er the paradise of vale and wood below.

How beautiful! though, fresh from Nature’s God,

They show no footstep of an elder race;

No human hand has ever turned their sod,

Or heaved their massive granite from its place:

The green banks of their floods bear not a trace

Of pomp and power, which have come and gone,

And left their crumbling ruins to deface

The virgin earth. Here Nature rules alone;

The beauty of the hill and valley is her own.

Nor might the future generations know

Aught of the simple people, who have made

Their habitations by the streams that flow

So fresh and stainless from the forest shade;

Who built their council fires on hill and glade,

And in yon pleasant valleys, by the fall

Of crystal founts, perchance, their dead have laid,—

But for the names of mountain, river, cataract,—all

Significant of thought, and sweetly musical.