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Sir Walter Raleigh (1554?–1618). Poems. 1892.


To his singular friend, William Lithgow; 1618

WHILES I admire thy first and second ways,

Long ten years wandering in the world-wide bounds;

I rest amazed to think on these assays

That thy first travel to the world forth sounds:

In bravest sense, compendious ornate style,

Didst show most rare adventures to this isle.

And now thy second pilgrimage I see

At London thou resolvest to put in light;

Thy Libyan ways, so fearful to the eye,

And Garamants their strange amazing sight.

Meanwhile this work affords a three-fold gain

In fury of thy fierce Castalian vein;

As thou for travels brookest the greatest name,

So voyage on, increase, maintain the same!

W. R.