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Sir Walter Raleigh (1554?–1618). Poems. 1892.


Another of the Same; 1590

THE PRAISE of meaner wits this work like profit brings,

As doth the cuckoo’s song delight when Philumena sings.

If thou hast formed right true virtue’s face herein,

Virtue herself can best discern, to whom they written bin.

If thou hast beauty praised, let her sole looks divine

Judge if aught therein be amiss, and mend it by her eine.

If Chastity want aught, or Temperance her due,

Behold her princely mind aright, and write thy Queen anew.

Meanwhile she shall perceive how far her virtues soar

Above the reach of all that live, or such as wrote of yore:

And thereby will excuse and favour thy good will,

Whose virtue cannot be expressed but by an angel’s quill.

Of me no lines are loved nor letters are of price,

Of all which speak our English tongue, but those of thy device.