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Alfred Kreymborg, ed. Others for 1919. 1920.


FOR permission to reprint poems in this volume which appeared originally in the magazines and books listed below, the editor offers his grateful acknowledgment to the editors and publishers concerned in so fraternal a transaction. The other poems appeared originally in the magazine, Others, or were contributed to the present anthology direct.

Conrad Aiken: Conversation, Undertones, Youth, Poetry of Today. Witter Bynner: Group from “The Beloved Stranger,” Alfred A. Knopf. Emanuel Carnevali: Kiss, the Little Review. H. L. Davis: Primapara, Poetry, A Magazine of Verse. Donald Evans: Group from “Two Deaths in the Bronx,” Nicholas L. Brown. Robert Frost: Mending Wall from “North of Boston,” Henry Holt & Co.; Not to Keep, the Yale Review; The Axe-Helve, the Atlantic Monthly. Arturo Giovannitti: The Walker from “Arrows in the Gale,” Hillacre Bookhouse. Orrick Johns: Kysen from “Black Branches,” Pagan Publishing Co. Vachel Lindsay: Whimseys, Poetry, A Magazine of Verse. Haniel Long: Students, the New Republic and The N. Y. Poetry Bookshop. Max Michelson: Masks, Poetry, A Magazine of Verse. Marianne Moore; Black Earth, The Fish, the Egoist. Lola Ridge: The Song of Iron from “The Ghetto,” B. W. Huebsch. Robert Alden Sanborn: Fight Nights, the Soil. Carl Sandburg: Poems from “Chicago Poems” and “Cornhuskers,” Henry Holt & Co. Evelyn Scott: Lullaby, Japanese Moon, The Naid, Night Music, the Poetry Journal. Wallace Stevens: Pecksniffiana, Poetry, A Magazine of Verse.