Matthew Arnold (1822–88). The Poems of Matthew Arnold, 1840–1867. 1909.

Bibliographical Note

<PARA=”1″>THIS volume contains all the poems that Matthew Arnold published between 1840 and 1867. They are printed in chronological order, and when more than one version of any poem is available the latest version is printed in the text, and all earlier verbal variations are noted at the bottom of the page.<PARA=”2″>Pp. xix to xxvii give the contents of the ten published volumes (Alaric 1840, Cromwell 1843, The Strayed Reveller 1849, Empedocles on Etna 1852, Poems 1853, Poems, Second Edition 1854, Poems, Second Series 1855, Poems, Third Edition 1857, Merope 1858, New Poems 1867) in order, giving also under their several dates the poems which appeared in various magazines before publication in volume form.<PARA=”3″>The order of the poems in this edition being chronological, the reader should remember that the text of (for example) the 1849 version of The Forsaken Merman must be reconstructed from the footnotes, the text as here printed being that of the latest available edition, viz., for this poem, 1857.<PARA=”4″>Arnold’s own notes are printed at the end of the book, and a few others have been added, some textual, others giving brief explanations of allusions in the text or references for passages quoted.<PARA=”5″>Mr. T. J. Wise has kindly given permission for his privately printed edition (1893) of Alaric at Rome to be used as the basis of the present reprint of the poem, no copy of the original issue (1840) being accessible; and the Horatian Echo is included by kind permission of the Rev. Arthur Galton, to whom the poem was given in 1886 for publication in The Century Guild Hobby Horse.
H. S. M.