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Henry Charles Beeching, ed. (1859–1919). Lyra Sacra: A Book of Religious Verse. 1903.


Prayer of Richard de Castre

JESU, Lord, that madest me,
  And with Thy blessed blood has bought,
Forgive that I have grieved Thee
  With word, with will, and eke with thought.
Jesu, in whom is all my trust,        5
  That died upon the roodë tree,
Withdraw my heart from fleshly lust
  And from all worldly vanity.
Jesu, for Thy woundës smart
  On feet and on Thy handës two,        10
Make me meek and low of heart,
  And Thee to love as I should do.
Jesu, for Thy bitter wound
  That wentë to Thine heartë root,
For sin that hath my heartë bound        15
  Thy blessed blood must be my boot.
And Jesu Christ, to Thee I call,
  That art God, full of might,
Keep me clean, that I ne fall
  In deadly sin by day ne night.        20
Jesu, grant me mine asking,
  Perfect patience in my disease;
And never might I do that thing
  Should Thee in any wise displease.
Jesu, that art our heavenly King,        25
  Soothfast God and Man also,
Give me grace of good ending
  And them that I am holden to.
Jesu, for the deadly tears
  That Thou sheddest for my guilt,        30
Hear and speed Thou my prayers
  And spare me that I be not spilt.
Jesu, for them I Thee beseech
  That wrathen Thee in any wise,
Withhold from them Thy hand of wreach 1        35
  And let them live in Thy service.
Jesu, most comfort for to see
  Of Thy saintis evereachone, 2
Comfort them that careful be,
  And help them that be woe-begone.        40
Jesu, keep them that be good,
  Amend them that have grieved Thee,
And send them fruits of earthly food
  As each man need’th in his degree.
Jesu, that art withouten lees 3        45
  Almighty God in Trinity,
Cease these wars, and send us peace
  With lasting love and charity.
Jesu, that art the ghostly stone
  Of Holy Church in middle earth,        50
Bring Thy folds and flocks in one
  And rule them rightly with one herd.
Jesu, for Thy blessedful blood
  Bring, if Thou wilt, the souls to bliss
From whom I have had any good,        55
  And spare that they have done amiss.    Amen.
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