Henry Charles Beeching, ed. (1859–1919). Lyra Sacra: A Book of Religious Verse. 1903.



  LAMB of God, my Saviour!
            Explain before me
Thy matchless love, and by Thy grace procure me
            A mind like Thine.
  Thy humiliation        5
            In leaving heaven,
In being poor, and to a stable driven,
            Teach me to stoop.
  Thy birth of a Virgin
            Make me live chastely        10
Unspotted from the world, and manifestly
            Sealed for the Lord.
  Thy flight into Egypt
            In such great danger
Teach me to be a pilgrim here and stranger        15
            In every place.
  Thine innocent childhood
            And meek behaviour
Teach me to be a little child for ever
            Before thy face.        20
  Thy wondrous obedience
            And true subjection
Unto Thy parents, melt to like affection
            My stubborn heart.
  Thy carpenter’s labour,        25
            Thy work and travel,
Daily preserve my handy-work from evil,
            And bless my toil.
  Thy goodwill to all men
            By Thee created        30
Teach me to honour all and tender-hearted
            Behave to all.
  Thy forty days’ fasting,
            Thy self-denial,
Thy being sorely tried, in every trial        35
            Deliver me.