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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VI: June. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

June 14

St. Docmael, Confessor

DOM. LOBINEAU, in his Lives of the Saints of Brittany, 1 was at a loss to discover who this saint was. But the English and British calendars inform us that he flourished in Pembrokeshire in the sixth century. By his fervour in the practice of all virtues, especially prayer and penance, he was a living instance of the maxim laid down by St. Bernard, 2 that “the humiliations of the cross are sweet to a soul which is sensible of what she owes to him who was crucified for the love of her.” Ah! shall we set any bounds to our endeavours to love him every day and in every action with greater and greater fervour, seeing we shall never be able to love him so much either as he deserves or as he loves us, base and defiled as we are! St. Docmael is titular patron of the church of Pomerit-Jaudy, in the diocess of Trequier, in Brittany, where he is honoured under the name of St. Toël. See Chatelain, p. 295.  1
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