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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VI: June. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

June 26

St. Babolen, Abbot

HE was a monk of the Order of St. Columban, whose country is not known, coming into France was appointed first abbot of St. Peter’s des-Fosses, called St. Maur’s after the relics of that holy abbot were brought thither from Anjou. This monastery was founded by Blidegisil, archdeacon of Paris, in 638, in a peninsula formed by the river Marne, two leagues from Paris. St. Babolen rendered it a house of saints, and by the perfect spirit of charity, piety, and all virtues which reigned in it, a true image of paradise on earth. In conjunction with St. Fursey at Lagny he laboured much in serving the whole diocess of Paris by the authority of Bishop Audebert and his successor St. Landri. He founded many churches and hospitals in that diocess, and in his old age having resigned his abbacy to Ambrose, his successor, died in holy retirement in the seventh century. The new Paris Breviary honours his memory with one lesson on the 26th of June. See Molanus in Auctario Usuardi, and in Indiculo Sanctor. Belgii; Du Chesne, t. 1, Hist. Francor.; Mabillon, sæc. 2. Bened.  1