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Jessie B. Rittenhouse, ed. (1869–1948). The Little Book of Modern Verse. 1917.


THANKS are due to the following publishers for permission to include selections from the volumes enumerated below:—

To Messrs. Houghton Mifflin Co. for selections from “Poems and Poetic Dramas,” by William Vaughn Moody; “Happy Ending,” by Louise Imogen Guiney; “Uriel, and Other Poems,” by Percy MacKaye; “A Troop of the Guard,” by Hermann Hagedorn; “Poems and Poetic Dramas,” by George Cabot Lodge; “Little Gray Songs from St. Joseph’s,” by Grace Fallow Norton; “Poems and Poetic Dramas,”, by Trumbull Stickney; “Scum o’ the Earth,” by Robert Haven Schauffler; “The Inverted Torch,” by Edith M. Thomas; “The Ride to the Lady, and Other Poems,” and “Oberon and Puck,” by Helen Gray Cone; “The Singing Man,” and “The Singing Leaves,” by Josephine Preston Peabody; “The Shoes that Danced, and Other Poems,” by Anna Hempstead Branch; “The Unconquered Air,” “Lyrics of Life,” and “Poems,” by Florence Earle Coates; “Lyrics of Joy,” by Frank Dempster Sherman; “Poems,” by John Vance Cheney; “A Quiet Road,” by Lizette Woodworth Reese; “A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass,” by Amy Lowell; and for the following poems from the Atlantic Monthly: “On a Subway Express,” by Chester Firkins; “Evensong,” and “The Lesser Children,” by Ridgely Torrence.

To Messrs. Charles Scribner’s Sons for selections from “The Town down the River,” by Edwin Arlington Robinson; “A Winter Swallow,” by Edith M. Thomas; “Poems,” by Josephine Dodge Daskam; and from Scribner’s Magazine: “A Memorial Tablet,” by Florence Wilkinson, and “Comrades,” by George Edward Woodberry.

To Messrs. Doubleday, Page & Co. for selections from “The Man with the Hoe, and Other Poems,” and “Lincoln, and Other Poems,” by Edwin Markham; “The Far Country,” by Florence Wilkinson; “Many Gods,” and “Far Quests,” by Cale Young Rice; and “A Summer of Love,” by Joyce Kilmer.

To Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. for selections from “Message and Melody,” “Lyrics of Brotherhood,” and “Dumb in June,” by Richard Burton.

To Messrs. Dana Estes & Co. for selections from “Love Triumphant,” and “On Life’s Stairway,” by Frederic Lawrence Knowles.

To Messrs. Duffield & Co. for selections from “The Frozen Grail, and Other Poems,” and “The Book of Love,” by Elsa Barker; “Poems,” by George Santayana; and “Along the Trail,” by Richard Hovey.

To Messrs. L. C. Page & Co. for selections from “Poems: New Complete Edition,” by Charles G. D. Roberts, copyright, 1903, and “The Green Book of the Bards,” by Bliss Carman, copyright, 1903.

To A. M. Robertson for selections from “A Wine of Wizardry,” and “The House of Orchids,” by George Sterling, and “Poems,” by Nora May French.

To S. S. McClure Co. for the use of the poem “There’s Rosemary,” by Olive Tilford Dargan, published in McClure’s Magazine.

To Messrs. Small, Maynard & Co. for selections from “Songs from Vagabondia,” “More Songs from Vagabondia,” and “Last Songs from Vagabondia,” by Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey; “An Ode to Harvard, and Other Poems,” by Witter Bynner; and “The Poet, the Fool, and the Fairies,” by Madison Cawein.

To The John Lane Co. for selections from “New Poems,” and “English Poems,” by Richard Le Gallienne, and “Carmina,” by Thomas Augustine Daly.

To The Century Co. for the use of the poems “When I have gone Weird Ways,” by John G. Neihardt, and “Chavez,” by Mildred McNeal Sweeney.

To Thomas B. Mosher for selections from “A Wayside Lute,” by Lizette Woodworth Reese.

To Messrs. G. P. Putnam’s Sons for selections from “Helen of Troy, and Other Poems,” by Sara Teasdale, and “Poems,” by Robert Cameron Rogers.

To Messrs. Moffat, Yard & Co. for selections from “The Candle and the Flame,” by George Sylvester Viereck.

To Messrs. Harper & Bros. for the use of the poems, “Azrael,” by Robert Gilbert Welsh; “Frost To-night,” by Edith M. Thomas; “Mother,” by Theresa Helburn; and “May is building her House,” by Richard Le Gallienne.

To The Bobbs-Merrill Company for the use of the following poems by James Whitcomb Riley: “The Rival,” from “Green Fields and Running Brooks,” copyrighted in 1892; “The Parting Guest” from “Morning,” copyrighted in 1907.

To Mitchell Kennerley for selections from “A Quiet Singer,” and “Youth,” by Charles Hanson Towne; “The Joy o’ Life,” by Theodosia Garrison; “The Stranger at the Gate,” by John G. Neihardt; for the use of “The Sea-Lands,” by Orrick Johns, and “Sentence,” by Witter Bynner, published in the Forum; and for “Renascence,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and “He whom a Dream hath possessed,” by Shaemas O Sheel, published in the Lyric Year.

To The Oxford University Press for selections from “Sonnets,” by Lloyd Mifflin.

To Messrs. Henry Holt & Co. for selections from “Harps hung up in Babylon,” by Arthur Colton.

To The Macmillan Co. for the use of selections from the “Collected Poems of George E. Woodberry”; and from “Myself and I,” by Fannie Stearns Davis.

To George William Browning for the use of poems by Thomas S. Jones, Jr., and Clinton Scollard.

To Messrs. Sherman, French & Co. for selections from “First Love,” by Louis Untermeyer, and “The Beloved Adventure,” by John Hall Wheelock.

To the American Magazine for the use of the poem “On the Building of Springfield,” by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay.

To the Smart Set for the use of the sonnet, “A Faun in Wall Street,” by John Myers O’Hara.

To Miss Harriet Monroe, editor of Poetry, for the use of “The Mystic,” by Witter Bynner.

To William Stanley Braithwaite, editor of the Poetry Journal, for the use of “The Only Way,” by Louis V. Ledoux.

To Messrs. John W. Luce & Co. for selections from “The House of Falling Leaves,” by William Stanley Braithwaite.

To the editors of the Outlook for permission to reprint “Night’s Mardi Gras,” by Edward J. Wheeler.

Sincere thanks are due also to my friend Thomas S. Jones, Jr., who, during my absence in Europe, has kindly taken charge of all details incident to putting “The Little Book of Modern Verse” through the press.