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Hoyt & Roberts, comps. Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations. 1922.

Windflower (Anemone)

Or, bide thou where the poppy blows
With windflowers frail and fair.
Bryant—The Arctic Lover.

The little windflower, whose just opened eye
Is blue as the spring heaven it gazes at.
Bryant—A Winter Piece.

The starry, fragile windflower,
Poised above in airy grace,
Virgin white, suffused with blushes,
Shyly droops her lovely face.
Elaine Goodale—The First Flowers.

Thou lookest up with meek, confiding eye
Upon the clouded smile of April’s face,
Unharmed though Winter stands uncertain by,
Eyeing with jealous glance each opening grace.
Jones Very—The Windflower.