Hoyt & Roberts, comps. Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations. 1922.


Tell me not of joy: there’s none
Now my little sparrow’s gone;
He, just as you,
Would toy and woo,
He would chirp and flatter me,
He would hang the wing awhile,
Till at length he saw me smile,
Lord! how sullen he would be!
Wm. Cartwright—Lesbia and the Sparrow.

The sparrows chirped as if they still were proud
Their race in Holy Writ should mentioned be.
Longfellow—Tales of a Wayside Inn. The Poet’s Tale. The Birds of Killingworth. St. 2.

The hedge-sparrow fed the cuckoo so long,
That it had it head bit off by it young.
King Lear. Act I. Sc. 4. L. 235.

Behold, within the leafy shade,
Those bright blue eggs together laid!
On me the chance-discovered sight
Gleamed like a vision of delight.
Wordsworth—The Sparrow’s Nest.