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Friedrich von Schiller (1759–1805). Wilhelm Tell.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Act V

Scene III

The whole valley before TELL’S house, the heights which enclose it occupied by peasants, grouped into tableaux. Some are seen crossing a lofty bridge, which crosses the Shechen. WALTER FÜRST with the two boys. WALTER FÜRST with the two boys, WERNER, and STAUFFACHER come forward. Others throng after them. When TELL appears, all receive him with loud cheers.

All.Long live brave Tell, our shield, our saviour![While those in front are crowding round TELL, and embracing him, RUDENZ and BERTHA appear. The former salutes the peasantry, the latter embraces HEDWIG. The music from the mountains continues to play. When it has stopped, BERTHA steps into the centre of the crowd.

Berth.Peasants! Confederates! Into your league

Receive me, who was happily the first

That found deliverance in the land of freedom.

To your brave hands I now entrust my rights.

Will you protect me as your citizen?

Peas.Ay, that we will, with life and goods!

Berth.’Tis well!

And now to him (turning to RUDENZ). I frankly give my hand,

A free Swiss maiden to a free Swiss man!

Rud.And from this moment all my serfs are free![Music, and the curtain falls.