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J.W. von Goethe (1749–1832). Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship.
The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. 1917.

List of Characters

His father.
His mother.
His sister, later married to young Werner.
OLD WERNER, partner of Wilhelm’s father.
YOUNG WERNER, son of Old Werner.
MARIANA, an actress, Wilhelm’s first love.
FELIX, her son.
BARBARA, her servant and confidante.
NORBERG, in love with Mariana.
MELINA, an actor.
FRAU MELINA, his wife.
Her parents.
SERLO, a theatrical manager.
AURELIA, his sister.
A manufacturer of Hochdorf.
Head forester of Hochdorf.
MIGNON, a little dancer.
“THE GREAT DEVIL,” a showman, first master of Mignon
LAERTES, an actor.
PHILINA, an actress.
The pedant, an actor.
“OLD BOISTEROUS,” an actor.
ELMIRA, his daughter, later married to Serlo.
“The Fair Saint.”
NARCISS, her betrothed.
PHILO, her friend.
LOTHARIO, FREDERICK, The Countess & NATALIA, “the Amazon,” nephews and nieces of “the Fair Saint.”
Their uncle.
THERESA, later married to Lothario.
LYDIA, in love with Lothario.
The Count.
His stallmeister.
The prince von——
A baron.
A baroness.
The abbé, in various disguises, JARNO, A physician & A surgeon, attached to Lothario.
An Italian marchese.
AUGUSTIN, his brother, “the old harper,”
parents of Mignon.
SPERATA, their sister.