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Voyages and Travels: Ancient and Modern.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Revived


To the High and Mighty
Charles the First, of
Great Britain, France, and Ireland,
King, all the blessings of this, and a better life.

THAT this brief Treatise is yours, both by right and by succession, will appear by the Author’s and Actor’s ensuing Dedication. To praise either the Mistress or the Servant, might justly incur the censure of Quis eos unquam sanus vituperavit; either’s worth having sufficiently blazed their fame.

This Present loseth nothing, by glancing on former actions; and the observation of passed adventures may probably advantage future employments. CÆSAR wrote his own Commentaries; and this Doer was partly the Inditor.

Neither is there wanting living testimony to confirm its truth.

For his sake, then, cherish what is good! and I shall willingly entertain check for what is amiss. Your favourable acceptance may encourage my collecting of more neglected notes! However, though Virtue, as Lands, be not inheritable; yet hath he left of his Name, one that resolves, and therein joys to approve himself.

Your most humble and loyal subject,