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Henry James. (1843–1916). The Portrait of a Lady.
The Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. 1917.

List of Characters

MR. TOUCHETT, an American who has lived in England for many years, head of a banking house in London.
MRS. TOUCHETT, his wife.
ISABEL ARCHER, “The Lady,” niece of Mrs. Touchett.
LORD WARBURTON, a fine specimen of a liberal English peer, friend of Ralph Touchett.
HENRIETTA STACKPOLE, American friend of Isabel Archer, and a young lady journalist.
MR. BANTLING, Miss Stackpole’s English conquest.
CASPER GOODWOOD, of Boston, Mass. A young man of determination
MADAM MERLE, friend of Mrs. Touchett, a woman of the world.
GILBERT OSMOND, an American gentleman living in retirement in Florence.
PANSY OSMOND, his daughter.
EDWARD ROSIER, of the American colony in Paris.
Several incidental characters, relatives of Lord Warburton and Isabel Archer, two Sisters of Charity, etc., etc.