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English Poetry II: From Collins to Fitzgerald.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

John Dunlop

348. The Year That’s Awa’

HERE’S to the year that’s awa’!

We will drink it in strong and in sma’;

And here’s to ilk bonnie young lassie we lo’ed,

While swift flew the year that’s awa’.

And here’s to ilk, etc.

Here’s to the sodger who bled,

And the sailor who bravely did fa’;

Their fame is alive though their spirits are fled

On the wings o’ the year that’s awa’.

Their fame is alive, etc.

Here’s to the friends we can trust

When storms of adversity blaw;

May they live in our song and be nearest our hearts,

Nor depart like the year that’s awa’.

May they live, etc.