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John Dryden (1631–1700). All for Love.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Scene I Act the Fourth

41. Act the Fourth

[Near the Tower of London]
Enter KENT

Kent.Fair blows the wind for France; blow gentle gale,Till Edmund be arriv’d for England’s good!Nature, yield to my country’s cause in this.A brother? No, a butcher of thy friends!Proud Edward, dost thou banish me thy presence?But I’ll to France, and cheer the wronged queen,And certify what Edward’s looseness is.Unnatural king! to slaughter noblemenAnd cherish flatterers! Mortimer, I stayThy sweet escape: stand gracious, gloomy night,To his device.
Enter Young MORTIMER, disguised

Y. Mor.Holla! who walketh there?Is’t you, my lord?Kent.Mortimer, ’tis I;But hath thy potion wrought so happily?Y. Mor.It hath, my Lord; the warders all asleep,I thank them, gave me leave to pass in peace.But hath your grace got shipping unto France?Kent.Fear it not.Exeunt.