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John Dryden (1631–1700). All for Love.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Scene III Act the Third

33. Act the Third

[Battlefield at Boroughbridge in Yorkshire]
Re-enter KING EDWARD, the Elder SPENCER, Young SPENCER, and Noblemen of the KING’S side

K. Edw.Why do we sound retreat? Upon them, lords!This day I shall pour vengeance with my swordOn those proud rebels that are up in armsAnd do confront and countermand their king.Y. Spen.I doubt it not, my lord, right will prevail.E. Spen.’Tis not amiss, my liege, for either partTo breathe awhile; our men, with sweat and dustAll choked well near, begin to faint for heat;And this retire refresheth horse and man.Y. Spen.Here come the rebels.

Y. Mor.Look, Lancaster, yonder is EdwardAmong his flatterers.Lan.And there let him beTill he pay dearly for their company.War.And shall, or Warwick’s sword shall smite in vain.K. Edw.What, rebels, do you shrink and sound retreat?Y. Mor.No, Edward, no; thy flatterers faint and fly.Lan.They’d best betimes forsake thee, and their trains,For they’ll betray thee, traitors as they are.Y. Spen.Traitor on thy face, rebellious Lancaster!Pem.Away, base upstart, bravest thou nobles thus?E. Spen.A noble attempt and honourable deed,Is it not, trow ye, to assemble aid,And levy arms against your lawful king!K. Edw.For which ere long their heads shall satisfy,To appease the wrath of their offended king.Y. Mor.Then, Edward, thou wilt fight it to the last,And rather bathe thy sword in subjects’ blood,Than banish that pernicious company?K. Edw.Ay, traitors all, rather than thus be brav’d,Make England’s civil towns huge heaps of stones,And ploughs to go about our palace-gates.War.A desperate and unnatural resolution!Alarum! To the fight!St. George for England, and the barons’ right!K. Edw.Saint George for England, and King Edward’s right![Alarums. Exeunt the two parties severally.]