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John Dryden (1631–1700). All for Love.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Scene I Act the Third

31. Act the Third

Enter GAVESTON mourning, JAMES, and other Attendants of PEMBROKE

Gav.O treacherous Warwick! thus to wrong thy friend.James.I see it is your life these arms pursue.Gav.Weaponless must I fall, and die in bands?O! must this day be period of my life?Centre of all my bliss! An ye be men,Speed to the king.War.My lord of Pembroke’s men,Strive you no longer—I will have that Gaveston.James.Your lordship does dishonour to yourself,And wrong our lord, your honourable friend.War.No, James, it is my country’s cause I follow.Go, take the villain; soldiers, come away.We’ll make quick work. Commend me to your master,My friend, and tell him that I watch’d it well.Come, let thy shadow parley with King Edward.Gav.Treacherous earl, shall I not see the king?War.The king of Heaven, perhaps; no other king.Away!Exeunt WARWICK and Soldiers with GAVESTON.James.Come, fellows, it booted not for us to strive,We will in haste go certify our lord.Exeunt.