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John Dryden (1631–1700). All for Love.
The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.

Scene III Act the Second

23. Act the Second

[Near Tynemouth Castle]

Kent.My lords, of love to this our native landI come to join with you and leave the king;And in your quarrel and the realm’s behoofWill be the first that shall adventure life.Lan.I fear me, you are sent of policy,To undermine us with a show of love.War.He is your brother, therefore have we causeTo cast the worst, and doubt of your revolt.Kent.Mine honour shall be hostage of my truth;If that will not suffice, farewell, my lords.Y. Mor.Stay, Edmund; never was PlantagenetFalse to his word, and therefore trust we thee.Pem.But what’s the reason you should leave him now?Kent.I have inform’d the Earl of Lancaster.Lan.And it sufficeth. Now, my lords, know this,That Gaveston is secretly arriv’d,And here in Tynemouth frolics with the king.Let us with these our followers scale the walls,And suddenly surprise them unawares.Y. Mor.I’ll give the onset.War.And I’ll follow thee.Y. Mor.This tottered ensign of my ancestorsWhich swept the desert shore of that dead seaWhereof we got the name of Mortimer,Will I advance upon these castle-walls.Drums, strike alarum, raise them from their sport,And ring aloud the knell of Gaveston!Lan.None be so hardy as to touch the king;But neither spare you Gaveston nor his friends.Exeunt.